The Racing Pigeons Visit Lawrence

The Racing Pigeons Visit Lawrence

Originally named The Junction, Lawrence was renamed in honour of a leader in the Indian mutiny.

In May 1861, Gabriel Reed discovered gold in the gully which now bears his name. This caused Lawrence to undergo an explosive growth, becoming the goldmining centre of the District. By July 1861, the population of the area was 11.472. The gold boom ended in the late 1930’s. Today, Lawrence is a peaceful farming centre for the surrounding District. It is also a fascinating tourist destination, allowing visitors to explore (amongst other things) the unusual botanics and gold digging history, plus it is the first village in New Zealand offering town-wide free wireless Internet access.

On 21 February 1998, Lawrence celebrated Gold Dust Day – a celebration of 150 years of development and settlement.



Entrance to Gabriels Gully – the first place in Otago where gold was discovered


The Racing Pigeons enjoying a coffee in historic Lawrence

Lawrence_main street ends

Lawrence main street


Lawrence main street


An example of the historic buildings in Lawrence.


Other than a lick of paint these buildings haven’t changed all that much since the yellow fever haydays

Main intersection on main street

Main intersection on main street


One of the earliest cottages in Lawrence…or something like that.

SH8 between Milton and Lawrence

SH8 between Milton and Lawrence


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