The Racing Pigeons Go To Church

The Racing Pigeons Go To Church

Since the whole point of building the city of Dunedin was to build a place of worship to the Church of Scotland, it comes as no surprise that it didn’t take the settlers too long before starting to build a church.

But an ordinary church would not suffice, for this was not to be just another settlement. Nay, it was to be a “light shining in a dark place”, a “sample of the Kingdom of Christ”, glory glory hallelujah and so forth and so forth.

Whence, building a church they did, and a lighting sample it would be. That church would become known as the First Church of Otago, not the first church but the First Church of the Church of Scotland in this corner of the world. Therefore, not the church that was first, but the first church of the First Church. Confused? Don’t worry, just remember that this building was and is called “First Church”. And with religion playing a different role in society compared with 150 years ago, it doesn’t really matter all that much anymore anyway.

The building is still in use for religious purposes, but can also be admired from a historical point of view, an archaeological point of view, an architectural point of view, an anthropological point of view, a horizontal point of view, and so on. Or just enjoy the serenity it offers.

First Church inside

First Church inside

First Church outside

Commemorative stone inside First Church

Inscription reads: “This stone was brought from the ancient Abbey of St Columba, isle of Iona, Scotland, and presented to this church. 28-10-51”


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