The Racing Pigeons Get Detention

The Racing Pigeons Get Detention

John Stenhouse lived from 1842-1929. Born in Edinburgh, he moved to New Zealand to end up as teacher in Lawrence.

Fascinating. If you have no idea who this man is then just smile and nod and keep reading.

Although a humble man, he deployed some rigorous educational tactics in the classroom, driven by the values of duty and morality.

What a man. Smile, nod and keep reading.

Stenhouse was quick to recognise that Lawrence became a declining mining town which was accompanied by a lack of employment opportunities for his students. Relentless he drove his students through their examinations and into employment outside the mines, being generous with his time and assistance for students who needed help.

In 1882 some people (not his students) started to complain that his teaching techniques were too harsh. John himself would have none of it, and continued with his methods.

Under John’s guidance, the Lawrence school achieved exceptional eminence through persistence and devotion. When in 1891 he was recognised for his achievements, well over a thousand of his former students travelled from all corners of the world to attend.

Till this day he is commemorated in Lawrence with a mighty statue.

statue of John Stenhouse

Statue of John Stenhouse


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