The Racing Pigeons Get A Bargain

The Racing Pigeons Get A Bargain

New Zealanders only shop at two places: The Warehouse and Pak’n Save. There are more shops in New Zealand – and plenty of them – but the only people shopping there are posh pricks and tourists.


Pak’n Save (or, as it’s known amongst locals: Crap’n Slave) is where you get groceries in the broadest sense of the word. Canned foods, bread and milk, meat and fish, candles and firewood, pots and pans, birdfeed, poultry feed, and so on and so on. It’s not the only supermarket in New Zealand, and there are even some items which you can find for less elsewhere, but in general Pak’n Save is the place to go. The only things you do not buy here are fruit and vegetables. You get these at your local farmers market.

So: fruit and veggies at the farmers market, all other groceries at Pak’n Save, and for everything else there is The Warehouse.

The Warehouse
The Warehouse was once a shop where you could find quality items of all natures, proudly produced in New Zealand. Over time, however, quality gave way to lowest price (just as everywhere else in the world), and now The Warehouse stores are gigantic stores filled with everything that is Made in China. Clothing, sporting goods, building materials, electrical appliances, you name it… If it’s Made in China you can get it at The Warehouse.


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