The Racing Pigeons Are Working The Streets

The Racing Pigeons Are Working The Streets

Dunedin Street Art is a group of people who fund raise (beg) for street art. Whenever they have begged, stolen or borrowed enough money for a project, they commission up and coming artists to create a work on the side of a building, an electricity box, a bus shelter, or any other place that would be a good place for some street art.

I cannot recommend this enough for any city council. Not only are artists provided with a chance to get experience and exposure, it also reduces tagging (which is the ugly, annoying, little-kiddies-thinking-they-are-cool version of graffiti) plus it brightens up the city.

In Dunedin, you can find street art all over town, in the most unexpected places. Today, the racing pigeons just happened to fly into an unknown piece by an unknown artist, tucked away on the sidewall of an otherwise unknown building in an otherwise unknown street.

Working the streets

The Racing Pigeons might be a bit hard to spot, but they’re sitting on the fence.

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