Ned Stark Was Right!

And then it was winter.

And then it was winter. Funny how every year that seems to happen overnight. When the calendar approaches the end of March, beginning of April you know that every morning you wake up it might be winter, and that every morning you wake up that isn’t winter yet is a bonus.

So apparently this year Ned Stark got to say “told you so” on Monday 25 May. That’s ok, we’ve had a good summer. Therefore there’s nothing wrong with some months to remind us on why we enjoy that time around Christmas and early in the year. We’ll talk again around the beginning of December, Ned.

This country has shocking statistics when it comes to arthritis, asthma and other lung/breathing issues, and skin-related issues. It is a mystery why that is, but logically it has nothing to do with poorly constructed wooden houses, no central heating and no insulation and so on.

However, for all the hardships accompanying winter (yeah yeah Sean Bean, you’ve dustily warned us – now shush) it brings with it a lot of goodness as well. Such as eyehumping scenes worthy of your viderication (*)
Earlier this week,  Aunty Caroline posted some lovely pictures of the mountains where she lives. Since good leaders are always followed, I will post the view from my hunting territory: looking out over (roughly) the  Mount Hawtrey, Mount Lowry area.

Oh Mistress Winter, thy art a jawdropping bitch.

Misterss Winter Misterss Winter

Be nice…

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