Germany invades The Netherlands

Irony is the best form of humour.

Why is this irony?

Not because Germany and the Netherlands already have one army: 1(GE/NL)Corps.

Not because Germany – through the European Union – already dictates which decisions the Dutch government should make. There is a reason why the Netherlands are sometimes mockingly referred to as “a province of Germany”.

But this is irony because – should this have been a real war – that little tank would have won. The amount of tanks operated by the Dutch army is naught. Zero. Nothing. Rien du tout. Years and years of irresponsible budget cuts have reduced the Dutch defensive forces to a handful of frustrated men and women incapable of doing…well…anything really. Thank you labour party!

So if you are looking for a bit of Lebensraum, just grab something that shoots (doesn’t matter what, anything will do) and march over the Dutch border. You will not be opposed.

The Netherlands: 100% defenceless, 100% ripe for the taking. A bit like New Zealand, really…

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