Charlie Cartoon Contest

The terror attack on the Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Sydney was less than a month ago.

Shortly after this attack had begun, not much was known yet. It was unknown how many hostages there were exactly, it was unknown how many terrorists there were, nobody really knew yet what precisely was going on. One thing, however was immediately, unquestionably and undoubtedly clear: it had nothing to do with Islam.

Youtube clips showing the hostages being forced to read out texts which included “Our ISIS brother has been very kind to us.” showed no evidence of any links to Islam whatsoever. And putting the flag of the Islamic State up against the window had, logically, nothing to do with Islam either.

Well, for all you left-wing extremists (yes, that deliberately includes you, Green Party Aotearoa!):
The longer you keep denying that Islamisation causes problems, the longer you keep sabotaging the process of working towards a peaceful solution. Shame on you for immediately siding with the terrorists during the Lindt attacks, and shame on you for not riding with the victims nor their families. You all were very quick to play the “nothing to do with Islam” card, but we are still waiting for your “our thoughts are with the victims” card.

Yesterday, after it became clear what had happened in Paris, I was actually quite curious what spin the left-wing extremists would use this time to make sure it would – again – be portrayed as “a small, isolated incident unrelated to anything else but especially not related to Islam. Oh, and by the way, it is all your own fault, you islamophobic racists.“.

The Charlie attackers were dressed exactly like ISIS terrorists, waved around AK-47’s, two of them were “suspected of volunteering to travel to Iraq to fight against U.S.-led coalition forces” (read: Jihadi’s), some of the victims featured on the Al-Qaeda death list (page 9 of their happy family magazine Inspire (warning: 66 Mb PDF, but it does contain joyful information such as “a bullet a day keeps infidels at bay“, happy pre-teen kids waving guns, and instructions on how to build your own car bomb – keep the kids busy during the holidays!)), during the attack they seeked out their victims by calling out their names, they repeatedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” (which, as you know, typically translates as “God is great“), and they walked over the street holding one finger up in the air – which is the Islamic symbol for “one God, Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet“.

Let’s face it: it’s quite a task to cover all that up with a “has nothing to do with Islam” blanket,  even for the most seasoned left-wing spin doctor. No wonder that it is awfully quiet on the leftern front.

In North-Western Europe, some left-wing politicians have tried. But all that those burp-ups really did was demonstrate how twisted in the head left-wingers can be.

English translations and background info (where needed ) provided in the captions. Deliberately published here.

Lest we forget.



Translation: The attack in #Paris is horrible and reprehensible, but why immediately make “Islam” and “the Muslim” responsible? Background: Arnoud van Doorn is a former Dutch MP who was kicked out of his party because he had difficulties distinguishing between personal and party funds. He then converted to Islam, started his own – Islam focused – political party (the “Party of Unity”) and got elected into the The Hague city council.



Translation: #GeenStijl will be jealous, they don’t get as much attention. #CharlieHebdo Background: Folkertsma is member of the Dutch labour party. is a Dutch blog that is known for an open and honest (non-politically correct) reporting style on sociological events. As such, Geenstijl frequently reports on Islam-related mishaps, is critical where needed and gives praise where possible. Folkertsma has since removed his tweet.


Translation: Could it be possible that Le Pen sent out a few boys trying to swing a few more people to her side? After all, everyone can shout anything. Background: Carin Hereijgers is a Dutch Green Party member and candidate for city council. In case you missed it: her Tweet insinuates that Marine Le Pen (leader of the French Front National) ordered the attack on Charlie Hebdo in an attempt to get more people to vote for her. Carin later issued a statement, filled with that typical Green party-fanatics facepalm-logic, in which she explained her tweet. Her major argument (I kid you not!) was: “The careful reader will have noticed the question mark in my tweet. On Twitter a question apparently isn’t a question, but is taken as a suggestion.” She has meanwhile deleted her entire Twitter-account (no doubt she will re-emerge on Twitter soon under a different name), but if you feel so inclined, here you go (better hurry before that page is “strategically realigned”).

And then of course Alexander Pechtold, Dutch MP and leader of one of the 15 political parties in Dutch Parliament (no, that’s not a typo: there are FIFTEEN parties in Dutch parliament), who sighed on television that “this happening would reflect badly on Islam“.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, these people are politicians.



As a response to the Islam terror attack on Charlie Hebdo, several (semi-) professional cartoonists created a cartoon doing exactly what a cartoon is supposed to do: using humour and satire to keep asking questions about everything, to keep everything debatable.

Creating good cartoons is an art in itself: it requires artistic flair, humour, satirical intelligence, an excellent knowledge of current affairs and an above average psychological insight in human behaviour. Good cartoonists are few and far between.

Dutch blog did something very interesting yesterday: they put out a call to action to their readers, challenging them to create their own cartoon.

The results give an excellent insight in the various types of emotions that have emerged after the Islam terror attack on Charlie, as well as how people process this event. And this time, these emotions are not seen through the eyes of professional cartoonists, but through the eyes of normal, everyday people.

The cartoons are – logically – varying in style, sense of humour and level of artistic quality. Some of them are quite brilliant, others not so much. But all of them are interesting to see. is a Dutch blog, so to broaden the audience for these cartoons I took the liberty to create an English language version. Translation and explanation (where needed/possible) in the captions. Original article on Geenstijl here (in Dutch), original results here (also in Dutch).

All credits to respective makers and Geenstijl, of course.


Be nice.



Geenstijl CartoonFuck. The 30 best entries.

So, we figured we would have a cartoon contest. And boy did we have one. Pencil drawings, pictures of sketchbooks, water-paintings on glass, ceramic potted hone, satire metal cased in bronze and coloured with wax before digitally scanned: we received all forms of artistic expressions.

Clever, upset, comical, sometimes bitter or just plain stupid. Some entries were driven by talent, others driven by emotion. It’s logical that a lot of entries we received were well-meant but amateurish. We are thankful though that you sent those in, as well as the many entries by talented professionals.

Not making it to the final cut were a lot of variations around pens, pencils and pencil sharpeners: that metaphor was getting quite old quite fast. The same for a lot of AK’s as well as most forms of “Je Suis Charlie”. Furthermore, several entries were disqualified for technical reasons (such as: not enough pixels). And we really really really had to cut down the final selection, because – despite the surprisingly high average quality of all entries – we’re really not going to publish all 271 (!) of them.

So apologies if the fruits of your creative labour are not published here: it’s not you, it’s just that this is our selection so you’ll just have to do with this.


No words needed

We are Charlie



Without words

Islamic terror: slicing away at freedom until there is none left

prophet Muhamed showing his penis

heading: prophet Muhamed showing his penis.
text: Pretty tasteless this is. Isn’t it, Muslim fundamentalists? Banal and uninspiring even. On top of all that, it’s badly drawn as well. Well, that’s what you get when you butcher all real cartoonists. No-one to blame for this shit-drawing but you!

The difference between name and shame is one letter

The difference between name and shame is one letter. Published by the creator here: More (related) work by the same artist: see comments below this article.

it really drew a line under their life

This one is difficult to translate. A literal translation will make it loose the joke. So, a sensible translation would be:“It’s sad for the ones involved, isn’t it?” “Yeah, it really drew a line under their life”

strikes per minute

Another one which is challenging to translate. The Dutch word “aanslag” (translated here as “strike”) can have three meanings: 1. stains on a surface. 2. a violent attack. 3. hitting a key on a keyboard or typewriter.This cartoon is a wordplay using meanings 2 and 3.
Right, and then, as cartoonist, you are expected to create something too. But all possible joke plot-lines have already been done. All of them, except this one:
What I’m reading here is that those terrorists were hired for the text editing department at Charlie Hebdo.
Why is that?
Because of their impressive strikes per minute


Van Aartsen saw all was well

And Van Aartsen nodded in agreementThis one needs some explanation. The building you see is the International Peace Palace in The Hague. Jozias van Aartsen is the mayor of The Hague. Last year, on several occasions, Van Aartsen deliberately neglected his mayoral duties by downplaying several serious Islam related events in the city. Attacks on journalists and Jews, flying the Nazi-flag and ISIS-flag, the chanting of “death to the Jews” during several pro-Palestine demonstrations. During all these events, Van Aartsen refused to take action, refused to make any arrests, even refused to look at the evidence. During one of the earlier pro-ISIS demonstrations (during which journalists were attacked, Jews were demonised, and calls for a Jihad were made) Van Aartsen deliberately instructed the police force to be present in a different part of the city…to write out parking tickets. During some later events, Van Aartsen was on holiday and refused to respond to any communication attempts, let alone return to the city. When – as a sign of mockery for his actions – Geenstijl released the Van Aartsen ISIS bucket challence photo (a cartoon), he responded within minutes by having the Dutch Public Prosecution Service start a case against Geenstijl. After a lot of mockery from Geenstijl for the speed of this and the lack of factual evidence, the case was dropped.

You can't argue with these cartoonists

You can’t argue with these radical cartoonists



Muhammed cartoon

From top to bottom and left to right:Cartoon about MuhammedMuhammed is bornMuhammed marries ChadidjaMohammed meets DjibrielHidjrabattle of KaybharThe end


Aladdin lamp

No translation needed


Qui ne veut pas entendre

This is a play on a gorilla named Bokito. Bokito lives in the Rotterdam zoo where – on a daily basis – he was taunted by a female visitor. One day, Bokito had enough, he escaped his enclosure and attacked the woman. More info here. The sentence “qui ne veut pas entendre…” can be sensibly translated into “if you don’t want to listen...”

The lamps are going out all over Europe

The lamps are going out all over Europe

No words needed

No words needed

But but but...they started!!

But but but…they started!!

at your service

At your service


Media and politics

Media (media) and politics (politiek). Media says: “Fortunately we are not guided by fear, but by our mind.” Politics says: “Shame! Islamophobes! Nazis! Racists with your irrational fears!“.Pegida is the name of the current movement in Germany through which common civilians try to make clear to their political leaders that they’ve had enough of the islamisation forced upon them. More info here.


Amateur cartoonist attempts suicide

Amateur cartoonist attempts suicide


Ostrich politicians in The Hague

Meanwhile, during the The Hague beheadings”  “Nevermind, Ali, there is noone here“This cartoon is a play on the Ostrich-like behaviour of Dutch politicians – ignoring the problems, looking the other way, pretending there is no Islam problem. Putting your head in the sand is the Ostrich’s natural defence mechanism, it thinks that if it can’t see it’s predator, then it’s predator can’t see it. Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands, but the government is located in The Hague.


Lying stealing politicians

This one is clearly highly emotional driven. It shows a politician, steered by the Islam, labelling a civilian who points at the danger as a racist. The second part of this cartoon is that same politician stealing money (through taxation) from that same civilian, which money is desperately needed to fund the mass immigration and everything that comes with it.

This is not a pencil

This is not a pencil

Satire doesn't kill

Satire doesn’t kill


Charlie Hebdo RIP

Charlie Hebdo RIP

explosive ink

no translation needed


Hey, this is funny

Man, this is funny. Ha ha ha.


Je Suis Charlie

Je Suis Charlie

black, white, shame

Even at home with Said they were fed up with having this black and white view on things all the time.“”Here, take this, so you finally can put some bloody shame on your face.

Who do you love

No translation needed



This guy took the contest a little too literal. The challenge was “send us your cartoons”, so he send a list with the names of three cartoons (Suske en Wiske, Dirk Jan and Dirk Jan again) and the comment “I hope I’ll win“. Humour comes in many forms.


Who is the real Mohammed

One of these guys is the prophet Mohammed. Or maybe not…



No translation needed

Je suis Charlie

No translation needed



2 thoughts on “Charlie Cartoon Contest

  1. You can also find my cartoon (listed above) ‘Terrorist Charlie Hebdo: “I killed in the *** of Allah”’ at:

    Meneer D has also published 3 other cartoons in this context.
    – Godslasterend (Blasphemy):
    – Mohammed-cartoon?
    – Charlie Hebdo: The Response


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