Which rules did you break recently?

Have you ever heard someone use the expression “you can’t do that, it’s against the law“?

It’s an expression that holds as much weight as saying “you can’t chew there, trees are made of wood“.

Let’s start with the first part of the expression. When someone says “you can’t do that“, then they are making an incorrect statement. Saying a person can’t do something means saying they are unable to do something. And humans can do anything they set their minds to – although some things (such as eating a poisonous mushroom) can only been done once.

The law has nothing to do with someone’s ability to do something. “You are not able to do that” is something completely different than “you are not allowed to do that“. The law simply is a set of rules that you are supposed to obey. But who makes up these rules? The short answer to that question would be “the Government”, but that answer is too simple. After all, “the Government” is a bunch of people elected by the people. And thus, the law is a collection of people-made rules created to dictate how society should be organised in the jurisdictional area they apply to. Dictating what is right and what is wrong: It is not the law that does that, it’s the people who made those laws.

Elaiza representing Germany in ESC2014, finished 18th

Since it is people who made up the laws, laws are far from perfect. See for example one extreme and then the other extreme. And just consider this: if “the law” really was so perfect, then why would different countries have different laws?

It was people who created the law, therefore it is people who can change the law. Step one in changing the law is to challenge it. To question it. To verify if a particular law or rule actually makes sense, or if maybe time has made it obsolete. If you challenge a rule and that rule flexes it’s muscles and wins: good, it means that that particular rule serves a purpose and should remain in place. But if you challenge a rule and there is no logic, sense or validity to uphold that rule, then that’s a pretty good sign that that rule probably should be nullified.

#LessGovernmentInterference   #MoreTakingResponsibilityForYourOwnLife

This doesn’t mean that you should go running around breaking every possible law you can. And you do not need a law to tell you that rape, murder, theft, et cetera are wrong.

No, I’m encouraging you to challenge the lesser, more absurd and idiotic kind of rules. The rules that make you wonder why they even exist. For example: which idiot came up with the idea that the Government should tell you how to raise your kids? Why are pedestrians allowed to cross the street *here* and not *there*? Who said “no U-turn” where it fits perfectly fine? When I bought a packet of biscuits or whatnot, why can’t I decide myself on which side I want to open the packet?

Do not harm others! Do not cry, moan or look for something to sue if you harm yourself (#DarwinAwards). But do always keep asking that one, famous question: why?

Challenge everything.

And be nice…divider

To round off, here is a small token of appreciation for those who challenge the rules. Those who keep on asking “why”. The heroes of modern society.

Series inspired by upcoming.nl, image credits supplied where known.


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