Catch or release: make your mind up

My mum is a funny one. Whenever I bring home some goodies, she gets all upset.

Just like yesterday.

With all my goodness, a contribution to the household was made in the form of a mouse. And a big, fat one as well. So big, one could be forgiven for mistaking it with a rat.

Catch of the day
When my mum discovered what I had brought in, she shivered. This wasn’t helped by the mouse’s squeaking as I played with it. As a matter of fact, she actually felt quite sorry for the mouse.

But when I released it, do you think she wanted it? Of course not, begging me to catch it again.


I just don’t understand it. She does not want to eat a juicy mouse, yet a chicken or cow is no problem.


Look: release the mouse or catch the mouse, it’s either/or for me. But please make your mind up.

Be nice…

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