The world will be mine…

Original post date: 26 July 2014

Hurrah! I overheard my pets talking about the possibility that I might be allowed outside for the first time next weekend! They said that next weekend I will have been inside for four weeks and that I seem to be very comfortable inside, knowing very well where I can sleep comfortably and safely, where my food is, where I can “do my business”, and all that good stuff.

The world will be mine

That is great! My favourite activity in the mornings – after snoozing, waking up my pets, answering the call of nature, eating and playing for a bit – is sitting in the window watching the world go by. There is a lot of things happing on the other side of this glass that I am very interested in. I can’t wait to go out and explore. I’m confident my pets will keep an eye on me when I do this for the first time, but should I get lost…well…good thing I’m microchipped ey? It was a bit annoying when they put that chip in me, but who’s laughing now? Anyway, if I really am allowed outside next weekend I’m sure to keep you posted with all the adventures I’ll run into…


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