Am I still allowed to pee in the sink?

Lately, I am loosing quite a bit of hair. No no, this is not due to poison, age, or troublesome times.

It is simply because summertime means warmer weather (a whopping 14° – #WhereIsMyBathingSuit), and hence I am shifting into summerfur. You humans do the same: in wintertime no beanie is big enough, and in summertime you would sleep naked.

This made me think of a (and probably the only) famous poem by Riekus Waskowsky. I would like to have this poem printed out, framed, on my wall somewhere. Because it is #awesome.

Original language:

Ik las laatst dat
arbeiders in hun
ondergoed slapen
de burgers in pyjama
en hoger
slaapt men naakt.

Ik wil vooruit
– daarom slaap ik nu
voortaan naakt!

Maar ja …
kan ik nu eigenlijk nog
wel in de wasbak pissen?

Translated to English:

I’ve recently read that
the working class
sleeps in their underwear
middle class in pyjama
and upper
one sleeps naked.

I want to advance in life
– which is why from now on
I sleep naked!

But …
am I still
allowed to pee in the sink?


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