Today is three weeks since I live here

Original post date: 26 July 2014

 It was surprisingly easy to shape this household to my likings, but then again I had an impeccable education of course. In the first two days we established a few ground rules and explored the boundaries, and my pets seem to stick to them.

The first two weeks were then spent exploring my new territory. I’m not allowed outside yet; this annoyed me a bit in the beginning but now I’m not that overly bothered by it. There’s more than enough to keep me busy inside for now.

For example: my pets have a bathtub which is great to run around in and hide. They also gave me a lot of toys to play with. Not that I really care which things are classified as “toys”: I just play with whatever I fancy.

There is one thing that we have to work on though. You see, I think that having lived as a stray for the first two years of my life caused me to be a bit unsure of how far exactly I can go. What I mean is that sometimes I want to let my pets know that I’ve had enough stroking or so, so I bite them or lash my paw at them. It is clear that this is not ment in a malicious way, but I do have trouble understanding how hard I can bite or how hard I should scratch. I’m learning though, so with a bit of mutual patience and understanding I’m sure we can work through this.

So all in all things are going well for me, thank you for asking.

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