Kitty with big balls…

Original post date: 22 August 2014

Big balls

So, today I went to see the local vet at Crofton Downs Veterinary Clinic for the first time.

No, no, no need to worry. I’m perfectly fine thank you very much for asking. It was just that it was time for my anti-worm and anti-flea coodie-shots.

What a nice man the vet was! I didn’t have to growl or claw at him at all, not even when he jammed that thermometer up my…well, let’s just say that it can’t be Christmas every day. The scratches I had on my head and neck are nothing to worry about, it seems I must have had a run in with the local dragon/lion/hellhound/cat-next-door.

He did say something else as well – he mentionned that the size of my testicular male thingydingies was above average, probably because I have been desexed only a few months ago.

But you know what that means, right? It means that it’s offical now: I HAVE BIG BALLS!!!

So next time you see me doing something tremendously exemplatory spectacularely wonderful (such as yawn, or wake up, or stretch) you can rightfully say: “pooh, pooh, that kittie has some big balls!”. Because it’s true ^^
Hence, I would like you all to know that from now on my business card will read:

His Feline Furryness Fitz Gerwitz-van den Broek, Count of Crofton Downs, Bearer of Big Balls, and protector of his realm


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