In der Halle des Katzekönings

Original post date: 21 November 2014

Aahhh, the story of Peer Gynt. Epic Nordic tale of love, betrayal and deceit, trolls, gnomes and orcs. A story that inspired many, not in the least Mr. Tolkien when writing his Lord of the Rings saga.

Highlight in the story and highlight in the accompanying music – written by Edvard Grieg – is the scene where Peer Gynt meets the troll king of the mountains and has to decide wether he wants to marry the king’s daughter or not, leading to the king asking the famous question: “What is the difference between troll and man?”.

You might not have heard of Edvard Grieg. You might not have heard of Peer Gynt. But you do know the music, even though you might not know what it is.

I Dovregubbens hall. In der Halle des Bergkönings. In the hall of the mountain king.

Tonight, 18:30, Michael Fowler Centre Wellington, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

It’s gonna be awesome.

In der Halle des Katzekönings

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