I’m a big big cat in a big big world – part 2

Original post date: 3 August 2014

In the hours of my first expedition into my new kingdom, my pets were a bit worried (pah!). They wondered if I was OK, wondered when or even if I would come back, and secretly wished my microchip was GPS-trackable.

I suppose I can allow them to think like that, as long as it is perfectly clear that I’ll be back when I’ll be back – not sooner and not later. If they wanted a dumb, boring, almost mindless creature that would lick their feet all the time and doesn’t even try to cover up its own poo then they should have gotten a d…, a do…, a dddo… . Sorry: can’t bear myself to say that word but you know what I mean; one of those canine things.

Anyhow, what I can tell you is that after about 4 hours of exploring my new kingdom it started to rain! How dare it! Whomever is in charge of the weather in this big, neverending litterbox that humans call “earth” certainly has some questions to answer

So, way sooner as I actually wanted I had to go back inside. But guess what? You’re not going to believe this: as I walked through the door my pets wanted to cuddle and pet me!! So I made it perfectly clear that they were allowed to feed me first, then it was personal grooming time, then it was napping time and after that we would see about that cuddling-stuff.

I think they were just glad that I managed to find my way back. At least, that’s what I gather from the thorough visual inspection they gave me upon my return. So, yes, my paws were wet and dirty, what do you expect? Ok, so I had a spot of an unidentified sticky substance on my cheek, things happen!

Overall I was very satisfied with my first exploration tour. Tomorrow morning it’s Sunday morning, and I want to make sure I’m well rested for that. There is a lot more out there that I want to do and see and sniff and wee on.

After all, I’m a big big cat in a big big world…

Im a big big cat in a big big world

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