I’m a big big cat in a big big world – part 1

Original post date: 3 August 2014

Ladies, tomcats and humans! Are you sitting down? If not, do it now.

This morning, during my second morning pre-nap-sleep snooze, I heard a noise. Being the alert cat that I am, I partially lifted up one of my eyelids to see what dared to disturb me and what did I see? Nothing!! And I mean that literally: where normally the glass of the door should be, now there was nothing! The door was open!

This called for immediate action – my pre-nap-sleep snooze, my post-snooze-nap sleep and everything else on my busy schedule was immediately put on hold. Effortlessly switching into “exploration” mode I sneaked up to where the door had blocked my way ever since I got here… Carefully I poked my nose around the corner…. gah, strong wind  >.<

Composing myself again only took a few seconds, and then it was into infinity and beyooooond…!

Well, to the edge of the deck anyway. This was a magically wonderful place which allowed me to sit for a moment to gaze and awe in amazement of this whole wide world stretching out as far as the eye could see. The whole past month this wall of glass had seperated me from all these extremely interesting sounds, things and shapes, and now everything was mine for the taking! My world, my kingdom! Momentous!

For the first tour in my new kingdom I allowed one of my pets to let me follow him for a walk around the house. This was great to get my bearings and it also showed me how to get back to my feeding tray.

Its a big big world part 1

As you can imagine I was all hyped up after this, so I took a few minutes to have something to eat (exploring with a full stomach is hard enough, let alone with an empty stomach) and from then on it was “all systems go”! Running down the bank, sniffing the advocado tree near the carport, running into a tree… I miauwed a bit at that tree, but it did’t say anything back. Hrmpf, arrogant tree. I might have to scratch it or wee on it at some point. From there, I jumped through the long grass to the top of the hill, and in a dramatic “over the hill and far away”-style motion I vanished.

Off to tell the entire ‘hood that there’s a new tom in town…

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