Ennaj Wild Flower Honey

Original post date: 2 August 2014

What a fantastic day I had yesterday! I was given an amazing new toy: a round plastic thingybobwhatsit, thank you aunty Janne Nattrass! ! This toy only lasted a few hours though before it was broken in half, but it sure wore me out. It wore me out so much I had a big long sleep-in this morning; all the way to 6:30 (!).

See, this is another clear demonstration of how silly humans actually are. They could put some thought into making these toys last longer, but nooooo… Instead, they insist on focusing on the packaging material for these toys: ridiculously large jars filled with a yellow-ish sticky substance that I have no use for whatsoever. Seems like such a waste, but owell: I’ll let my pets have this packaging material and keep the toy for myself  And as a reward for my pets, they can get more of these toys at Ennaj Honey when I want to.


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