Catmina Burana

Original post date: 15 November 2014

In 1995, Roberta Williams created a game called Phantasmagoria. This game had a script which was rumoured to be “so terrifying that even Stephen King refused to edit it”. Wether that rumour was true or not is unknown, but fact is that the story of Phantasmagoria sucks you in and stays with you for the rest of your life. Death and the afterlife, daemons, magicshows, rape and romance, history and politics, the game truely had it all. Look for it on ebay – you can probably pick up a copy for a fistful of dollars.

As gripping as the story of Phantasmagoria is, so is the music they used. This music was none other than themes based upon Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana. Just as the game itself, this music grips you and won’t ever let go.

And tonight, Orchestra Wellington is playing it live. Mee-ow baby!

Catmina Burana

Instant update

Joy oh joy, Phantasmagoria has meanwhile become abandonware. Which means you can download it – legally and for free. Originally it was released on 7 (!) CD-ROMs, but this did include a lot of FMV duplication to avoid disc swapping. The abandonware version sets you back 1.7 Gb on your dataplan, and can be found here:…
Remember: when Phantasmagoria was released, it’s technology was state-of-the-art…but technology has advanced a lot since 1995. Reading up on the game can be done on Wikipedia.
Pray it’s only a nightmare…

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