Original post date: 12 November 2014


This picture is a corrected version of the one posted earlier. After the previous version was posted there were quite a few people asking what it was about. It probably didn’t help that the tag was misspelled. Hey, you try typing whilst holding a camera in your paws!

Anywho, the story is about a picture of a young US woman sleeping. The picture was supposed to be taken by her boyfriend named Bae – some parents really do hate their offspring. Personally I think it’s an acronym for “Bugger. Anticonception Expired”. In the background of the picture, however, there was a mirror which clearly showed that the picture was, in fact, a selfie. And birth was given to the #baecaughtmeslippin meme.

Your question: didn’t she notice this?
The answer: when she tried to spell “sleeping” it came out as “slippin”. #‎WeDontNeedNoEducation‬

Anywho, if you’re curious: the original picture can be seen here (clicketeeclick – external link). And examples of the result are here (clickclickclick – external link).

Or just use the hashtag, of course.

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